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What Types of Used Snowmobile Trailers are There?

Snowmobile Trailers

A aluminum open snowmobile trailer loaded with two sleds

Snowmobile trailers are a type of trailer that has been designed to carry one or more snowmobiles. If you need to get your snowmobiles then the best type of trailer to use is a snowmobile trailer, rather than trying to use another type of trailer which may not be completely suitable.

Many snowmobile owners will buy used snowmobile trailers to move their rides from where they are stored to the snow.

Other types of trailers can be used to transport snowmobiles, such as an enclosed trailer or motorcycle trailer, but they are usually too large and cost a great deal more than a snowmobile trailer. One other important advantage is that towing larger trailers over off-road trails covered in snow and ice can be difficult, whereas a small snowmobile trailer is less likely to get stuck. As snowmobiles are very likely to be driven to locations with these types of conditions most owners opt to buy a snowmobile trailer instead.

Most snowmobile trailers are able to carry at least two snowmobiles which are secured with tie-down straps to prevent them from being damaged during transport.

There are several different types of used snowmobile trailers for sale, enclosed snowmobile trailers and open snowmobile trailers. Which you decide to buy will depend on your budget, whether the snowmobiles are to be stored in the trailer and the size of your towing vehicle. The majority of new or used snowmobile trailers for sale are bumper pull, and can be towed by any large family car or light pickup truck. The larger enclosed snowmobile trailers should be towed by a 4×4 vehicle as they are a lot heavier than an open trailer.

Open Snowmobile Trailers

Open Snowmobile Trailer

A tilt-bed open snowmobile trailer ready for loading

The simplest type is the open snowmobile trailer which is really just a small flatbed trailer that has space for two or more snowmobiles. A tilt-bed allows easy unloading or loading or a removable ramp is attached to the back of the trailer and detaches and is stowed on the trailer.

Tie-down points are located in the trailer bed so that straps can be used to secure the snowmobiles during the journey. The main disadvantage is that the snowmobiles will be open to the weather and there is a lack of security. With an open snowmobile trailer it can’t be left unattended for any length of time as the snowmobiles can easily be removed from the trailer and stolen.

More expensive open trailers can also feature a hinged hardcover that is attached to the trailer bed and opens up for loading and unloading. This gives the important advantage of improved security as it can be locked shut to protect your snowmobiles from prying eyes.

Enclosed Snowmobile Trailers

Enclosed Snowmobile Trailer

An enclosed snowmobile trailer being unloaded

The most popular type are enclosed snowmobile trailers, which allow multiple snowmobiles to be loaded inside the security of a locked trailer enclosure. The snowmobiles are loaded through a rear ramp door or a side ramp door which is located in the v-neck front portion of the trailers. If you are concerned about security then an enclosed snowmobile trailer will protect your snowmobiles from damage during transportation and also from theft during storage.

Many enclosed trailers will also feature storage cabinets inside for tools and equipment that you need to take with you on your trip. The added advantage of an enclosed snowmobile trailer is that they can also be used for transporting ATVs, motorcycles and other small vehicles.

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