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Travel Trailer

Many families prefer to take touring vacations as it is a great way to see the great outdoors, but do not wish to stay within tented or hotel accommodation.

Travel trailers enables the family to have their own ‘home’ during their travels that has all the basic amenities that they need without having to rely on finding a hotel or motel.

The travel trailer is classified as a type of RV just like motorhomes, fifth wheel trailers, pop-up trailers, and truck campers.

Our classified ads list all of the popular manufacturers, including Airstream, Fleetwood, Jayco and Wildwood.

Small Travel Trailer

There are three basic ’sizes’ of travel trailer; the one which is suitable for your family will depend on the number of sleeping berths you require, the level of amenities you can live with, and your budget.

The smallest type is made with touring in mind and are suitable for smaller families. This type are usually less than 18 ft long and contain simple amenities that you will need on your vacation.

By design, they are lightweight and quick to set up or prepare for your vacation and are the most economical to buy and tow. Most weigh less than 3,000 lb and can be towed with a large car or small truck depending upon its towing capacity.

Mid-Sized Travel Trailer

Mid-range travel trailers are around 18 to 25 ft long and can weigh 5,000 lb (2,250 kg) or more, and usually towed with compact pickup trucks and SUVs. They tend to have similar amenities to the larger models, but sleep fewer people.

This type is suitable for most touring vacations and offer some luxuries that are improved over smaller types of travel trailer.

Used Travel Trailers

An Airstream is the most stylish option for a great family road trip vacation

Large Travel Trailer

The largest models are made with the seasonal or full-time user in mind and offer the most sleeping berths and greatest level of luxury. The size of these models generally range from 25 ft to 40 ft long and contain all the comforts of a luxury condo, including luxury bathroom, fully fitted kitchen and entertainment systems.

They usually require a purpose built tow vehicle, large truck or SUV, as these amenity-laden home-from-homes can reach 12,000 lb or more. While weighing even above that, most long-box pickups have a maximum tow-weight of 15,500 lbs, and towing over 10,000 lbs. requires a ‘class A’ driver’s license.

A fully featured home entertainment system, including multiple LCD televisions and satellite TV receivers are common in units of this size. To keep the occupants nice and cool at their holiday destination, air conditioners are often fitted.

Slide-out rooms and screen porches add to livability by providing even more living room when it’s stationary at the vacation site. In most states, by law, they are limited to 400 sqft of living area, and many models offer exactly that plus any optional slide-outs.

Toy Haulers

A recent innovation in the travel trailer segment, is the toy trailer or toy hauler, which is a large luxury trailer that features a garage in addition to a living compartment. This garage allows the family to take recreation vehicles, their “toys”, along with them, ready for use when they reach their destination.

Many of these toy haulers will accommodate motorcycles, ATVs, personal watercraft or race cars that can be access via a fold down rear ramp.

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