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    Livestock, Horse and Cattle Trailers for Sale

    Livestock / Horse Trailers for Sale

    Transport your animals in safety with a stock / horse trailers for sale

    Used Livestock Trailers

    There are many of different styles of trailers for sale that are used to haul livestock such as cattle and horses. The most common type available is the stock trailer, which is enclosed at the bottom, but has side openings at approximately the typical eye level of the animals to allow for the free ventilation of air. This provides a comfortable environment for the animals during their journey and reduces the heat buildup that would otherwise occur.

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    Horse Trailers

    The horse trailers for sale on the market are generally a more embellished form of basic stock trailer. They are designed for the comfort and safety of the animals, as most owners usually haul their rides for the purpose of competition or work, where they must be in peak physical condition. Usually fitted with vents and windows that are adjustable as well as suspension designed to provide a smooth ride which leads to less stress being placed on the animals.

    In addition, internal partitions help the animals remain upright during the journey and protects them from injuring each other in transit. Larger horse trailers can incorporate additional storage areas for tack equipment and can even include comfortable living quarters with sleeping areas, bathroom and cooking facilities, and other home comforts for the human owners.

    Both stock trailers and horse trailers range in size from small units capable of holding one to three animals, able to be pulled by a pickup truck or even an SUV; to large gooseneck stock trailers that can haul a significant number of animals.

    Stock Trailer Features

    The best models of stock trailers for sale are built with smooth interior walls, ample ventilation and solid loading gate construction with full width hinges that makes sure livestock will arrive with less bruising, less stress, and safely secured. It is important that the floors are made of the strongest, best wearing materials available to resist corrosion and wear, plus extending the floor life resulting in low repair costs over the lifetime of the trailer.

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    3-Horse Aluminum CM Drover AL


    3-Horse Aluminum CM Drover AL

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    Neckover Gooseneck Cattle Trailer

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    2019 Sundowner Charter SE 2-Horse Trailer

    1 d 23 h 23 m

    2011 Sundowner 6 horse Trailer with 12' Living Quarter

    15 d 16 h 53 m

    3 horse with living quarters angle load step up horse trailer

    Colorado Springs,CO,USA
    23 d 1 h 54 m

    2019 Sundowner Stockman Special 2-Horse Trailer

    1 d 23 h 42 m

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