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    Start a food business with a used concession trailer

    BBQ, Ice Cream, Hot Dog Used Concession Trailers

    Used concession trailers for sale are listed at auctions and can be bought for a fraction of their original retail price and most of them are already set up and ready for for you to put into use.

    Food trailers for sale fill a increasing demand in the market for food and drinks at outdoor events such as festivals, fairs, sports events and all sorts of weekend events. This business has been around for many decades and has recently exploded into a billion dollar industry which is a very easy business to get into after buying used vending trailers.

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    Despite being somewhat of an unknown niche area, you probably have already experienced vending trailers from the customers point of view, every time you have bought a hot-dog, ice cream or burger at an outdoor event. Most people don’t realize how easy it can be to set up their own food business and make quite a lucrative living.

    The food vending industry is suited to business savvy people who are looking for a fun and enjoyable business with traveling prospects and a chance to meet lots of new people, along with a business which promotes long term growth.

    There are a variety of different types of food trailers for sale that are listed here.

    BBQ Trailers

    Barbecue (BBQ) trailers for sale are a unique type of trailer, which will allow you to create a mobile barbecue food business. The main feature is that they have a grill for barbecuing built into the trailer.

    Hot Dog Trailers

    Hot Dogs have a long history of being America’s favorite snack food, and it all started over 100 years ago when the St. Louis Browns started selling hot dogs at baseball games. Hot dog trailers for sale are very inexpensive to purchase and maintain which allows the operator to reap good financial rewards.

    Ice Cream Trailers

    Ice cream, shaved ice or snow cones are a popular summer snack that is a hit at outdoor events, festivals, and county fairs with children and adults alike. If you live in a part of the country, such as California or Florida, that has sunshine for most of the year, it is possible to buy ice cream trailers and generate a consistent source of income all year round.

    Pizza Trailers

    Pizza trailers are one of the highest earning food businesses, because of the higher value items sold at them. A typical pizza from used concession trailers can cost over $5, whereas other food categories, such as – drinks and ice cream, are much lower priced items

    Coffee/Espresso Trailers

    Espresso or Coffee trailers for sale offer an extremely easy way to make a consistent income in the hot drinks industry. In the last decade the popularity of coffee has exploded with thousands of coffee shops and bars opening in every corner of the country. To say coffee is popular is an understatement!

    Mobile Kitchens

    Mobile kitchens for sale are not strictly concessions, but are used where good quality food is required to be served outdoors. This type of catering trailer is used to provide meals for personnel involved in movie shoots, staff working in remote locations, or even for weddings.

    Whatever your plans for your food business you will find a used vending trailer to suit your budget and specifications. Browse our classified ad listings of to find great deals that will get you started in this exciting industry with the minimum of initial investment.

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