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Tent Trailer

  • Tent Trailers for Sale

    Tent Trailers for Sale

    Take your vacation accomm-odation with you on your road trip and travel light with a compact and comfortable camper trailer.

The tent trailer is the smallest and most basic type of travel trailer available and can be towed by most medium sized family cars and SUVs. They tend to be a lot cheaper to buy than a full size camper and due to their small size are more economical to tow.

This type of vacation is becoming more and more of an advantage in the current age of ever rising gas prices.

What is a tent trailer?

In the camping industry, tent trailers are sometimes called collapsible or pop-up campers. You can think of it as a large expandable tent that is constructed on a trailer base. The base usually will have low sides that help support the collapsible tent and allow you to transport your camping equipment and belongings with you.

The fabric collapses inward beneath a hard roof, resulting in a trailer is low and with a streamlined shape. Once at your destination it can be opened and lifted to full height when it is time to set up camp.


If you think tent trailers for sale will give you a completely back to basics camping experience whilst on your vacation, you’d be wrong. They are equipped with many of the amenities of the much larger camping trailer or RV.

Many come with a heater, refrigerator, fresh water tank, waste tank, sink, and many other features. Some of the more spacious models also have a chemical toilet and small shower.

Your camping vacation will not be restricted to only two of your family, as tent trailers are available in a variety of sizes and floor plans. The larger ones will fold out and provide bed space for up to six people.

Used Pop-Up Campers

Pop-up campers offer a great way to experience the great outdoors

Today’s folding models have many more options and features than the first generation models.

  • Awnings – Awnings are available in many different sizes and colors. A good large awning can give you extra shade in the midday sun and provide shelter from bugs later in the evening.
  • Power Lift – Some pop-up campers are available with a power lift system. This option has a mechanical unit that will unfold with the push of a button.

Many manufacturers will customize your purchase with alloy wheels and paint it to match the color of the towing vehicle, ensuring that passers-by will check you out when you drive past.

Lightweight Tent Trailers

Many modern tent trailers are made from lightweight aluminum and therefore can be towed by smaller vehicles and even motorcycles.

These lightweight models will give better gas mileage when being towed and will save you money during the long distance driving normally experienced on outdoor vacation journeys.

One made from aluminum will also be a lot easier to maneuver by hand and attach to the towing hook up on your car. It will also be easy to store in your garage or backyard when not in use.

Motorcycle Tent Trailer

Some manufacturers produce models that can be towed by a motorcycle; made from aluminum these motorcycle trailers weigh less than 250 pounds. When you have ridden to your camping destination they can be opened within minutes and provide adequate sleeping accommodations for two people.

Off Road Tent Trailer

For camping in more remote locations that can only be reached by driving over rough terrain, such as logging roads, an off road models are able to handle the challenging conditions.

Suitable for being towed by Jeeps, Land Rovers and other off-road 4×4 vehicles, off road trailers features large off road tires and high clearance. For the most demanding terrain, such as rocky back country, lift kits can be installed and articulating hook up joints used so it always remains attached.

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