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Enclosed Trailers – What are they Used for?

Various Enclosed Trailers

Enclosed trailers keeps the cargo secure from theft

Enclosed trailers are the most popular trailer in use as they are one of the most versatile trailers for sale. In the simplest sense an enclosed trailer is just a “box on wheels” that features a rear door for access. The main advantage of an enclosed trailer is that the contents are secure inside from theft or damage and from the weather.

Enclosed trailers are preferred to be used when any goods of value need to be transported, such as a race car, tools and equipment or building supplies. An enclosed trailer can be left parked overnight and you will be safe in the knowledge that the contents of the trailer will be there when you return in the morning.

Who uses an enclosed trailer?

Anyone who needs to haul something can use an enclosed trailer although larger cargo items, such as boats, will not fit within even the largest enclosed trailers. Due to the fact that they can be towed by cars, SUVs and trucks many people will use one to haul a wide range of items, such as general cargo, motorcycles,cars, snowmobiles and ATVs. Enclosed trailers can be specified with custom capabilities to carry these types of items, featuring ramps, stalls and tie down points to secure the cargo. Many custom car and motorcycle owners use specialized enclosed car trailers to haul their pride and joy to and from car and motorcycle shows or repair shops. A smaller enclosed ATV or snowmobile trailer can be used to transport these types of outdoor recreational vehicles to the off-road or snow trail. These types of trailers can sometimes be fitted with a small workbench and storage for tools or spare parts.

Motorcycle Trailer Inside

The inside of a motorcycle trailer showing the hook-ups where bikes are secured

Professionals and companies use enclosed trailers for moving around their tools and equipment to one job site to another, such as mobile mechanics, carpenters, plumbers and builders. When kept in an enclosed trailer the tools, equipment and supplies are safely locked inside ready for when they are needed on the work site. Enclosed trailers are lightweight and can be towed by a pickup truck which is a very popular type of vehicle for a tradesman. Car body shops and mechanic garages will also use an enclosed car trailer to safely and securely pick up and drop off a customers’ car for work to be undertaken.

What sizes of enclosed trailers are available?

Enclosed trailers are available in lots different configurations depending on the the specific requirements and intended cargo that the owner has in mind. New and used enclosed trailers on the market can vary in size from 5 feet to 8 feet wide and from 8 feet to 50 feet in length. Depending on the weight of the intended load they can be single, dual or triple (tandem axle) axle, with a standard bumper mount or a gooseneck 5th wheel pickup.

For any person that needs to store tools and equipment, small enclosed trailers from 8 to 12 feet long with a single rear ramp access door is all that is needed. For a mechanic needing to move one or more cars, a dual axle 50 foot long enclosed car trailers with a rear ramp door and side doors would be more than adequate. If the cargo to be hauled has a large value an alarm system and GPS locating devices can be fitted as an added piece of mind security measure.

Enclosed Trailer Construction

Enclosed trailers for sale are usually made from aluminum or steel for the frames, aluminum or plywood for the sides and interior. The interior of the trailer is usually lined with plywood and will feature several attachment points on the floor and walls for which to use securing straps. Longer trailers intended to haul race cars or motorcycles to the track may also feature a workbench, tool storage cabinets and a side door.

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